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Being able to use ReadyReplay for my own needs is great. Knowing I’m helping my athletes and their families use video with no extra work makes it even better!

Trent Tcheng, High School and Club Volleyball Coach

I see lots of opportunities for ReadyReplay in that I can use it for games, graduations, plays, presentations, art shows... it’s so easy to share highlights with family, friends, and coaches.

Irene Smith, Parent Videographer

Common Questions

How can this possibly be free?

We make money by offering paid services on top of our free offerings, such as helping you create highlight and recruiting videos.

Is ReadyReplay only for sports?

Not at all. Any long form video that you would like to easily cut clips from and share is a great candidate for ReadyReplay! We’ve had people upload everything from a school play to footage they shot on a ski trip. ReadyReplay is a great way to have all of your video safely stored and accessible all the time.

Who can see my videos?

We know your privacy is important. That's why we have placed strict privacy controls on all content uploaded to ReadyReplay. You always have control over who has access to your videos and can add or remove access at any time.

How much can I upload?

Unlike other video services, we don’t put artificial limits on the type, length, or number of videos you can upload. Want to upload that footage you shot at practice? Go for it! How about that private lesson you filmed to help a player with their fundamentals? Do it! We’re focused on getting you get all the video you need to help you win throughout your season.

We’re Designed to Help You Get Everything You Need With Video Fast and Easy

Upload From Any Device

Whether you have a camcorder, a GoPro, or your mobile device, we make it easy to get your video online.

Cut Your Clips

Easily clip your plays from the full game video to send to recruiters, share with friends, or put a smile on grandma’s face.

Make a Highlight Video

Looking to make a recruiting video with your great clips? ReadyReplay helps you get the video you need quickly, easily, and for a price that can’t be beat! Learn More...

Fan Tag Your Moments

No one wants to re-watch an entire game to find those great moments. With Fan Tagging, you can easily tag all your great plays live from your phone for instant access as soon as the video is online.