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Our Mission: Get You What You Need From Video as Fast as Possible

In the past, preparing video to review meant hours of work. With the tagging tools, I’m able to organize the plays I need to coach in just a few minutes.

Colin Mello, Bellarmine College Prep Varsity Water Polo Coach

For the first time, our team is able to access all of their at-bats and pitches whenever they need to. To have have that tool with almost no work or cost makes ReadyReplay a no brainer for any team.

Chelsey Barclay, Cal Poly Softball Pitching Coach

Common Questions

How can this possibly be free?

We make money by offering paid services on top of our free offerings, such as helping players and parents create highlight and recruiting videos.

Can I use ReadyReplay and still use something else, like Hudl or Krossover?

Absolutely! Nothing about ReadyReplay or our workflow prevents you from being able to use your other tools. We know video has huge benefits and believe coaches should use every tool at their disposal. (But we think that once you start using ReadyReplay, you won't want to go back to those other tools.)

Who can see my videos?

We know you don’t want your video getting in the hands of other coaches. That's why we have placed strict privacy controls on all content uploaded to ReadyReplay. You always have control over who has access to your videos and can add or remove access at any time.

How much can I upload?

Unlike other video services, we don’t put artificial limits on the type, length, or number of videos you can upload. Want to upload that footage you shot at practice? Go for it! How about that private lesson you filmed to help a player with their fundamentals? Do it! We’re focused on getting you get all the video you need to help you win throughout your season.

How It Works

Upload Your Games

We reduce the process of editing, uploading, and sharing video with your team to just the click of a button. Got a team videographer? Let them upload your video for free!

Find Your Moments

Seeing a play develop in context is a powerful teaching opportunity. Use our tools to find and share the critical plays that will help your athletes get better, faster.

Coach Anytime, Anywhere

Don’t waste precious practice time in the video room. Tag your plays and send them in playlists to the players who need them anytime, anywhere.